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CUSI Manhole Inspection System

With the new incoming european standard EN13508-2 comprehensive manhole survey and inspection beomes more important than before. System CUSI with the new inspection robot inspects manholes from up to 100 metres distance to the inspection vehicle. The one-man-personnel supported with computer equipment and CCD cameras controls the CUSI robot inside of the vehicle.
CUSI Schachtinspektion Manholes or special construct shafts are recorded by a high-resolution inspection camera. Digital pictures and video recording and an inspection report - as printout or digital PDF file - are essential documentation. 

Every CUSI robot uses the same approved high technology (5 axes can be rotated and buckled for optimal survey) as our three-dimensional manhole inspection and survey system CUS. Benefits are high mobility and proper distance and angle to walls, pipes and sewage conducts. 

Inspection results as well as the inspection videos can be viewed with the special-purpose programmed software CUS-Videoviewer. 

The advanced CUS-Videoviewer software displays the manhole sketch with an arrow indicator that moves and rotates in the exact direction as you can see the inspection video at the same moment. Beholders have great advantage with this special function while viewing the inspection videos. 

Inlets, outlets and damages from the inspection with CUSI can be displayed and analyzed within seconds. The integrated laser measuring system inspects dimensions and depths from sewage pipes or position and width of cracks and damages in the manhole. 

System CUSI is specified for manhole inspection with depths up to 30 metres, edge dimensions up to 5 metre or diametre up to 5 metre. 

The basic system CUSI is deployed for manhole inspection, but can be enhanced anytime with all additional available modules for three-dimensional survey of manholes and special construct shafts. 

Customers can select from different software packages for inspection, e.g. EN-13508 or german ATV and ISYBAU. Extented packages like enhanced report sketches and automated cadastre network generation spare time and reduce errors. 

We use extreme lightweight components like aluminium and carbon fibre for our robots to keep their weight low and being carried with less effort on off-road terrain. With the technologic advantage of sytem CUSI it is not required to step into manholes and the risk of accident is reduced as well as the most precautionary safety regulations are dispensable.