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Legal Notice

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Bodemann GmbH

Wallenmahd 29a

6850 Dornbirn


Telefon: +43 (0) 5572 / 33343

Telefax: +43 (0) 5572 / 372439


Commercial Register Number - FN

HRB71026a, HG Feldkirch

VAT Identification Number


Nature and Purpose of the Business

International operative company offering products and services in the sector of sewage manholes, water cadastres, geographic information systems and surveying. Manufacturer and supplier of manhole inspection robots (protected by patents). Developer of software programs in the sector of for sewage inspection, CAD and GIS.

Privacy Statement

The website of Bodemann GmbH can principally be visited without registration. If registration of your data is required, we will only use them with your agreement. Personal data are handled strictly confidential according to Austrian Privacy Act. Please read the following privacy-related informations. By visiting and/or using the informations, services, links or applications of this website the visitor accepts the following conditions: By registration the user accepts, that his data are stored and managed for needs in operating the website, customer services, optimizing the offered contents according to the personal interests. The visitor further accepts, that these personal data can be used within the Bodemann GmbH website, autorized substitutions or franchising partners. Bodemann GmbH guarantees, that personal data are not sold, exchanged, leased or made accessible to others. Excluded are data to confirm law orders, assertion or application of clauses of end-user-agreements or - if required - to protect rights, intellectual property or the safety of Bodemann GmbH website, the visitor and/or others. To optimize the customer experience, we also analyze visitor behaviour, so that visitors can prospectively have better experience with web browser functions and optimized contents. By analyzing visitor behaviour we optimize structure, design and layout of the website in visitors interests and advantage. For this purpose, we are authorized to achieve following informations, whenever you visit this website, even if you are not a registered visitor. Our webserver automatically achieves following informations about you: your internet service provider, IP adress, geographical origin, operating system informations, webbrowser informations, monitor informations, installed ActiveX, Flash, Java and/or other components and - if available - the referring URL that lead you to our website. The visitor further accepts achieving informations that we will achieve, save and manage personal data for analyzing user behaviour, managing this website and for marketing the products and services of Bodemann GmbH and to create a user profile. All saved and managed personal data are stored and protected against unauthorized access. The visitor is authorized to achieve information about his user profile, personal data and to correct/delete them anytime. Please contact in such case. This website is managed, operated and controlled by Bodemann GmbH within Austria. Bodemann GmbH takes no responsibility and does not guarantee, that this Privacy Statement on this website meets law requirements outside of Austria. If you visit this website outside of Austria, you are responsible for compliance of all local law requirements. This Privacy Statement and its proper application accord to Austrian law, except for international clauses. Jurisdiction is Dornbirn/Austria.


The published content and informations on this website are non-binding. While Bodemann GmbH attempts comparative and reasonable efforts to offer accurate and current informations on the website, we cannot absolutely exclude faults in the content, informations and technical documentations. This website can particularly not replace personal consultancy in case of needs. Bodemann GmbH is not liable of any kind of direct or indirect damages, fault-resulting damages, losses, costs that result from faults in the software or hardware, viruses, trojans, malware, worms (among others), especially damages resulting from deficient informations in content or technical documentations, except for intent of gross negligence. Evidence of intent and/or gross negligence is incumbent to the user. Bodemann GmbH informs the participant that privacy in open networks, especially the Internet cannot be guaranteed fully with todays common technology. The participant herewith accepts, that others have eventual possibility to intrude the network security and gain access or modify data and/or personal data.

Availability Of This Website

Bodemann GmbH is not liable for constant availability of this website overall or particular subzones. We are further not liable for technical damages, server failure, breakdown or crashdown of telecommunication connections among others, that lead to unavailability of the website overall or particular subzones or corruption of data. You access our website with appropiate technical devices on your own costs.

Links To External Websites

Bodemann GmbH is not liable for external resource links to websites on third-party-domains. We are also not liable for constant availability or full functionality for external resource links to other websites on third-party-domains.


All informations on this website including the website itself obtain their copyright owners. Copyright owner is either Bodemann GmbH or the natural or juristical owner named in the source. Contents on this website cannot be reused, copied or republished without permission of Bodemann GmbH. The user commits claims of Bodemann GmbH against others, resulting in use of the website without complaint or compensation. This website is managed, controlled and operated by Bodemann GmbH in Austria. Bodemann GmbH is not liable for and does not guarantee that the privacy statement on this website meets all clauses outside Austria. If you visit this website outside of Austria, you are responsive for complying all local law orders. This statement and her appliance obtains to Austrian law, except for ordinances of international civil protective law. Jurisdiction is Dornbirn/Austria. If any particular clause should be in conflict with law order, it will not invalidate the full agreement. The resulting agreement remains considering the invalid particular clause by nearest corresponding and economical means.



Date: Septembre 2008